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Me and Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead.

Met Nathan Barnatt aka Trale Lewous aka Keith Apicary. One of my favorite youtubers and definitely a highlight of the trip.

Also I took a selfie with Kassem G. #sdcc


So me and my dudes cosplayed Bank Heist Joker and his Henchmen today at #sdcc2014.
People really liked us!
After we undressed we would hear random people talking about the Joker goons that were there earlier. Pretty sweet.
#tdk #darkknight #sdcc #cosplay

Cosplay Day 1. This guy walked up and begged for a picture. Turns out he wrote the comic in which this variant of Anarky first appeared. He was very impressed with my costume. #sdcc #comiccon #sdcc2014 #sandiego

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